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No need to travel to a dental office to obtain professional teeth devices anymore

Our from home teeth impression kits enables you to receive the same custom teeth devices found at dental offices for 50% less

All of our teeth devices are quality controlled by board certified technicians



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You will receive a teeth impression kit in the mail.


Take your teeth impressions and send photos of them from the Contact Us page.


When we receive your teeth impression photos we will send them to the lab to have the device made.

Missing Tooth Replacement Philadelphia

Mouth Guards - Protecting your Teeth


Our Teeth Impression Kit enables you to receive Teeth Devices from home. From Your Teeth Impressions we manufacture custom Teeth Devices found at Dental Offices!

Partial Dentures

Get a feel of one of our most innovative devices–Partial Denture! The device is unique and is created from “Valplast,” a material that is extremely durable and unbreakable at the most. Our Partial Denture is highly reliable, and it’s exclusively the only device that functions flawlessly for teeth replacement. We guarantee your ability to eat and to drink with it without any side effect.


If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet superb alternative to our partial dentures, our Flippers has all the answers that you need. At From Home Dental Kit, we offer a variety of functional and highly durable flippers. Each and every of our flippers can last up to 2 – 3 years of constant use. Just remember to keep it off your mouth while eating; after that, enjoy the functionality it is designed to offer you.

Hawley Retainers

If you are in need of top a quality Retainer, we have a host of them in our inventory. Our Hawley Retainer (also called Wire Retainer) is the best in the industry and is crafted from a top-notch, durable plastic material, which you will have to put aside before eating. Here at From Home Dental Kit, we offer different types of Hawley Retainers colors in line with their plastic variations. Our Hawley Retainers has a long life shelf of 3-4 years.

Invisible Clear Retainers

Are you looking for a non-visible version of your retainer? We have it right here at From Home Dental Kit. We offer a top quality, invisible retainers that feature state-of-the-art plastic material construction known as Zundura. Our invisible clear retainer is not only clear but is also the most durable plastic model on the market, having twice the longevity of its closest competitors. This retainer can last up to 2 years, and is virtually invisible to others.


Have you been asking yourself; who is the best dentist or orthodontist near me? The good news is, we have a complete catalog of customized dental care, FDA certified teeth devices made of the best quality to meet any of your needs.

We are located in Little Rock, AR and have been serving the community for many years.

As a reliable supplier, all our dental care devices are the same as those backed by the best dental insurance to ensure you get a safe and secure appliance.

Once you have your teeth impressions completed and approved, we will then send a shipping label to return your impressions to the lab to have the teeth device manufactured.


Corporate Address:
7201 Frankford Ave. #926, Philadelphia,
PA 19135, United States

Shipping Address:
Please use the Contact Form above to request a FREE postage paid Priority label to ship your impressions to us.

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Office Hours: Mon.- Fri. 9 am to 5 pm CST
Our office is closed on all USPS holidays.

Emails will be answered by 5 pm of the following business day.

Please email us impression photos by attaching them to the Contact Form above.

Your smile is assured by our dentists at Philadelphia dental office by the latest equipment and treatments. We will restore your lost smile on your face by our friendly treatment. You should not hesitate to contact us for your lost teeth and smile. We knew your value and your time and money you spent on your smile at other dentists for so long without a solution. Do not worry, we will correct your smile at the earliest in a friendly way and hassle-free treatment. Never delay your visit to your office or contact us for your lost teeth and smile. We will deliver you the world’s fantastic teeth devices like Teeth Retainers Philadelphia, Clear Aligners Philadelphia, Night Guards Philadelphia at an affordable rate. The teeth devices at our dental office are delivered to your doorstep free cost as per request. Hence, you should check the teeth devices of our office for your teeth through email. We will send you a free teeth impression kit to your email for your choice of products that fit your teeth. If you fine with the selection, you can send your desired teeth device to us. We will manufacture the products with the quality materials and send them to the doorsteps free of cost. You need not visit our office for the product or treatment because our online service will make it happen easily. Hence, you can enjoy a hassle-free treatment from us which is possible by our state of the art dental treatments and products.

We assure your smile back on your face and confidence gets restored. You will lead a happy life like before without any doubt. Our free teeth impression kit has the designs and models for your taste. You can lead a comfort and relaxed life after receiving our products and treatment. Our customer made devices will reach your hands safely by our team. The products are FDA approved and certified by the board of skilled technicians at our dental office. The person can order online from our dental shop at any time for the customers who like to order from the house.

We are worried only about the quality of the product made by us and hence the longevity of our products last for years together. We will not compromise anything for money and only quality assurance is our main aim. To cope with the customer’s challenges we charge only half the price from the customer. Our dental branches are located in various regions of the country and hence the customer has the flexibility of visiting our local branches conveniently. We will interact with the visiting customers warmly and give free consultation during their first visit. Most of the satisfied customers have given positive feedback about our dental products like Teeth Retainers Philadelphia, Clear Aligners Philadelphia, Night Guards Philadelphia

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