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Teeth Devices Philadelphia

Before you place your order, you must have one of the following

Silicone (Putty) Impressions

3D Printed model of your teeth

If you do not have either of the above but would like to have a teeth device made, please click the button below.

Welcome to Teeth Devices

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Watch Video

Want to see how you can get custom-made teeth devices, which are of the same dental office quality yet at only a fraction of the cost? Watch this short video.

Whether you already have silicone putty teeth impressions or 3D printed models from your dentist or you need impressions, we offer devices that are high-quality and affordable. What’s more, we deliver them right to your doorstep!!

Understand Our Process
Custom Teeth Devices Tailored Just For You

Order The Device You Need

Browse the products page of our website and place an order for the teeth device that you require. Zero hassle as all is done in just a few clicks, right from the comfort of your home!

Recieve Impression Kit

You will receive a teeth impression kit shipped to your doorstep after you place your order with us. This kit is included in the price of the device itself.

Take Impression & Mail Back

Follow the instructions we share on our website and take the impressions of your teeth with the impression kit. Mail them back using the prepaid postage envelope that we will provide.

Get Your Custom Teeth Device

Once the teeth impression is received, the laboratory is involved it then and takes around 10-12 business days to be completed.

The final product is shipped and we email you the order tracking information as well.

Our Products
Listed Below are the Custom teeth Devices that We Offer






Get any teeth device you want, all at less than half you’d pay at the dentist!


  • Awesome is the word I would use to explain the dental devices they sell. The process is super easy too as they explain how to get impressions with the kit they supply as a part of the device cost. I would definitely recommend them.

    Doris V
  • I never expected that I could get such an amazing teeth device at this price. It fits so well and is so very comfortable. And I’ve got it all at half the price

    Jason K
  • I got a new partial denture from them and I absolutely love it. I couldn’t believe that it could come at such an affordable price. Their product range is so wide and the customer service is excellent as well!

    Doris V

Free Shipping Option Available On All Order!

From your teeth impression, the lab manufactures the same Teeth Devices found at Dental Offices.