Invisible Teeth Aligner

Are You Ready for a Great Smile?

No need to travel to a dental office to obtain professional teeth aligners anymore

Our custom fitted aligners are delivered to your front door at a fraction of the cost of the dentist

You are only charged for the number of needed months of treatment so . . . Get ready to LOVE your smile!

Overall Comparison

As you can see by the comparison chart, we offer everything that Smile Direct Club offers except for two major points.

➊ We only charge for Monthly Treatment Plans so that you only pay for the treatment that you need instead of one price for all which will save you hundreds.

➋ We have affiliated dentist offices in almost all of the cities where our customers reside so that they can visit our dentist if needed.

  • Pay Only for
    Needed Treatment
  • An Affiliated Dentist
    Available in Your City
  • Whitening System
  • Set of Retainers
  • Teeth Evaluation Kit

Smile Direct Club

  • Pay Only for Needed TreatmentNo
    One Price for Everyone
  • An Affiliated Dentist Available in Your CityNo
    No Dentist Available
  • Whitening SystemIncluded in Price
  • Set of Retainers$99
  • Teeth Impression Kit$49

Total Price Comparison

As you can see by the price comparison chart below, there is a huge saving since we offer monthly treatment plans compared to their one price for all customers. .

  • 1/2 Month Treatment Plan
  • 1 Month Treatment Plan
  • 2 Months of Treatment
  • 3 Months of Treatment
  • 4 Months of Treatment
  • 5 Months of Treatment

Smile Direct Club

One Time Payment

  • 1/2 Month Treatment Plan$1,850
  • 1 Month Treatment Plan$1,850
  • 2 Months of Treatment$1,850
  • 3 Months of Treatment$1,850
  • 4 Months of Treatment$1,850
  • 5 Months of Treatment$1,850

Save Hundreds

Total Savings per Treatment Plan

  • 1/2 Month Treatment Plan$700
  • 1 Month Treatment Plan$500
  • 2 Months of Treatment$400
  • 3 Months of Treatment$300
  • 4 Months of Treatment$200
  • 5 Months of Treatment$100

How it Works


Ordering your evaluation is the first step to a GREAT SMILE! We ship everything you need right to your front door. No dentist office visits necessary!


You will receive your evaluation kit in the mail with instructions on how to take teeth impressions. We will email you a return shipping label to send us your impressions.


We will email you with the results of your evaluation to inform you of the number of months of treatment that is required so you can place your order.


You will receive your shipment of aligners in 10-14 days after you place your order. You trade out your aligners every 15 days until you have a BEAUTIFUL SMILE!

We feel that a dentist should not only be involved in the review of each customer’s Clear Aligner evaluation but they should also be available in your city should you need to visit them.

This is why we are working on having a dental office in every city where our customers reside.

Free shipping on all orders!

Our FDA Approved Teeth Impression Kits ship to your home for FREE!

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