50% - 70% Off the Dental Office Price! Highest Quality Teeth Devices Available in the USA

Before you place your order, you must have one of the following:
Silicone (Putty) Impressions
3D Printed model of your teeth
If you do not have either of the above but would like to have a teeth device made then please click here to order an Impression Kit

Step 1 – Order Your Teeth Impression Kit
You must already have Putty Impressions of your teeth, or 3D printed models of your teeth to order from this website.
If you do not have any of the above, you can order your teeth impression kit here click here.

Step 2 – Find Your Perfect Device
Select “Shop Now” and browse our unmatched selection of custom teeth devices for every situation. We offer Flippers & Partials to fill gaps left by missing teeth, Retainers to keep your teeth in their current position, Clear Aligners to help you get that perfect smile & much more. No matter what your needs are – we have the perfect dental solution for the perfect price!

Step 3 – Order Teeth Devices
Place your order from our wide variety of custom teeth devices. We will email you a shipping label once your teeth impressions, or 3D printed models of your teeth have been approved. Your device will be shipped directly to your front door without ever leaving home!

Retainers, Flippers, Partials & More!

for over 50% less than you'd pay at the dentist.

Just a Few of the Teeth Devices We Offer - Get Started Above by Selecting "Shop Now!"